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Providing Africa With Superior Security Solutions

Stargrade solutions is a private company dedicated to providing security and logistics services to individuals, corporations or governments. The nature of some African societies are known to be turbulent terrain, high levels of uncertainty and their security currently at a dismal state.

With the rise of civil unrest, it has become ever so important to navigate these environments safely hence the need for a competent partner that would serve as a guide through these often-challenging environments.

At Stargrade Solutions, our services ensure you are kept unharmed as you seek to explore the beauty and opportunities that are abound.

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This includes the development, implementation and staffing of customized protection programs. We help our clients set up the necessary logistics needed, each client is treated uniquely and services are designed to meet the specific requirement of the client based on needs assessment and preferences of the clients.


We provide highly trained operatives, vetted security drivers and highly secure vehicles, route planning, management, traveler tracking and related services so clients can work and travel efficiently and safely wherever they need to go. We ensure clients are able to work and carry out their daily activities without experiencing break ups or hick ups as a result of turmoil.


We provide highly trained security operatives and agents to keep clients safe at all times. be it in transit or at certain locations our highly competent agents got you covered all the time.


We secure all threats that gives rise to a reasonable likelihood of compromise, by unauthorized access or inadvertent disclosure impacting the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of personal information of consumers held or stored within the Equifax network, including but not limited to a data breach


We safely remove people from high-risk situations on short notice. This can be due to political unrest, natural disasters or other threats. Responsiveness is key and our trained agents are able to adapt to the ever-dynamic environment and situations that may arise


We safeguard people and their properties from privacy breaches, home invasions, disturbances, or any other threats that could put the wellbeing of those who live there in jeopardy.

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