Stargrade Distributions is a private company that engages in the warehousing, marketing, sales and distribution of goods. We manage all the necessary requirements needed to get clients products to the right target market while ensuring brand growth and development as well as the creation, penetration or development of markets for client’s goods. Stargrade Distributions is currently the sole distributor of XXIV Karat Sparkling wine in Nigeria, made in Califonia and has ensured considerable growth in the awareness of the brand as well as the purchase of brand products.


Stargrade Distribution is currently the sole distributor of XXIV Karat wine in Nigeria, we sell and distribute as well as carry out the necessary marketing activities on promoting the presence and marketability of the wine in Nigeria, the wine has two variants, they are “The Rose” and “The Grande Cuvee”. XXIV Karat was founded by Arizona State University alumni, the team embodies the soul of what XXIV Karat brings to the social scene. After countless bottles bought and numerous memories made, the boys of XXIV Karat sat down to develop what would turn out to be the hottest new product to hit the industry.

They live life all in, and have branded a product that focuses on just that. Starting off as just a dream, XXIV Karat has evolved into a brand that is both affordable and exclusive, providing memorable experiences to all those who enjoy its flavor.

Whether it be in the hottest nightclubs in the world, poolside at your favorite resort, or a gift for your best friend’s wedding, each bottle of XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine with edible gold flakes is designed with one thing in mind, fun!